CerenDrug Addiction Barrier Team Coordinator

Hi! My name is Zeynep Ceren Ejder and I am the Drug Barrier Coordiantor for Y4S.
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and am currently getting a degree in Politcal Science at the University of Alberta. I love reading YA/NA novels, watching Marvel movies, and waiting for Haikyuu season 5. Olease feel free to reach out to me via Instagram (@forever.on.hold), email (cerenejder1905@gmail.com), or any other way you can think of! We would be happy to have you on board 😉

AzraLanguage Barrier Team Coordinator

Hi! I’m Azra and I’m the Coordinator of Language Barrier.

I live in Toronto and study at University of Toronto. I am majoring in Human Biology. I love drawing, roller skating and watching sitcoms. I am a fun of Marvel Movies!

I hope to contribute to the solution of the issues that Canadian youth faces everyday, through Youth4Succes. I believe this platform will be a bridge between youth and the society.

If you’re looking for volunteering opportunities, I would love to have you in my team! You can reach out to me from ilknurazra40@gmail.com

BegumEducation Gap Team Coordinator
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Hello! I am Zeynep Begum Cam. I am the Education Coordinator of Y4S. I live in Toronto and love the city. I am an undergrad student at York University. My favourite sports to do are horseback riding and snowboarding. If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to email me ( zeynepcam3825@gmail.com).