One Mission:

Raise awareness to social issues causing youth unemployment

We are a group of University, College and High school students who have reversed the roles of change makers from adults to youth! The Youth 4 Success Platform is our answer to the social issues that affect our generation.

  • What do we do?

    Our organisation holds workshops and seminars to give Canadian youth the information and support that they require to overcome the barriers that face them when it comes to employment and education. We organise weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events to address various aspects of the four most pressing barriers to youth employment; addictions, criminal records, lack of language and educational gaps.

  • Who do we help?

    The Youth 4 Success Platform was designed to address the needs of middle school, high school, and university aged youth and their families. We have programs available for youth across Canada regardless of their education level or background.

  • How will we achieve our goals?

    The Y4S Platform has created a 12-month road map for various seminars, workshops, and social events. There are weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events that will be held virtually and in-person across the country.

    We believe that these events will provide Canadian youth the support and knowledge they need to excel when it comes to employment and higher education.

Our accomplishments

Youth in total have attended our webinars within the last 3 years
Awards won for Youth 4 Success’s efforts
Partnerships were made with Youth 4 Success
Cities Operating in

Meet our Crew

Ceren - Drug Addiction Team Coordinator

She is a living Icebreaker and also happens to reside in Alberta…So that works on two levels! Fueled by passion for Y4S, Books and Marvel Movies she studies political science at the University of Alberta. She is one of the Core team members of Y4S and has been here for very long! 

Azra - Language barrier team Coordinator

Cool, Calm, Collected are just some of the words you can use to describe her! She resides in Toronto and Majors in Human Biology at the University of Toronto. With a strong hope to bridge the gap between Youth and Society there is nothing that can stop her!

Begum - Education gap Coordinator

Running the Education Gap team is no easy task but she managed to pull through! She studies at York University and loves horseback riding and snowboarding!

Want to join our fantastic team?!

Yes I do!!