• Who are we?

    The Youth 4 Success Platform is an organization that focuses on removing barriers that Canadian youth faces when it comes to employment and higher education. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to employment and education.

  • What do we do?

    Our organisation holds workshops and seminars to give Canadian youth the information and support that they require to overcome the barriers that face them when it comes to employment and education. We organise weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events to address various aspects of the four most pressing barriers to youth employment; addictions, criminal records, lack of language and educational gaps.

  • Who do we help?

    The Youth 4 Success Platform was designed to address the needs of middle school, high school, and university aged youth and their families. We have programs available for youth across Canada regardless of their education level or background.

  • How will we achieve our goals?

    The Y4S Platform has created a 12-month road map for various seminars, workshops, and social events. There are weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events that will be held virtually and in-person across the country.

    We believe that these events will provide Canadian youth the support and knowledge they need to excel when it comes to employment and higher education.