What do Y4S volunteers do? 

Basically, each volunteer is placed into one of 4 teams based on their preferences. They work with their team members to plan and proceed with events, such as seminars or clubs and create social media content for recognition.    

What is the purpose of Y4S?

We aim to support Canadian youth regarding the four main barriers, or so-called issues, they face while looking for employment.  

How does being a volunteer in Y4S benefit me? 

First of all, you’ll get volunteering hours. You can use this in your resume or school. Second of all, depending on your position as a volunteer you can improve your teamwork skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication and problem-solving skills, and more.  

Lastly, you’ll make new friends from different cultures.  

What are the barriers?  

Drug addiction, criminal record, language barrier and education gaps.   

What are the events we have done so far? 

We have done a variety of seminars and webinars for awareness and acknowledgment by inviting professionals. And we also have friendly talk series to create interactive discussions about different interesting topics. We also have ongoing clubs to give youth a safe environment where they can enjoy and improve themselves. These clubs include movie, photography and journal clubs.  

Who are the volunteers?  

Our volunteers are mainly high school and university students.  

How can we reach out to Y4S? 

If you are interested, you can always reach out to us from our social media accounts, e-mail address or website. 

If I do not want to volunteer, how can I support Y4S?  

You can always support us by sharing our content, attending our events and by donating or being a partner of Y4S.  

Which social media are we have? 

We are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.