Our Mission

The Youth 4 Success Platform is an organization that focuses on removing barriers that Canadian youth faces when it comes to employment and higher education. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to employment and education.

Our organization holds workshops and seminars to give Canadian youth the information and support that they require to overcome the barriers that face them when it comes to employment and education. We organize weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events to address various aspects of the four most pressing barriers to youth employment; substance abuse, criminal records, language barrier and educational gaps.

Active projects

4 Barriers

Everyone deserves equal access to employment and education.

Ongoing Events

Together we make all the difference

Journal Club

Welcome to our dearest Journal Club! The club’s mission is to bring students who want to improve their speaking and socialize with others. Different than Book Club, Journal Club offers you to expand your knowledge on a weekly basis about the culture, social issues, news and many …

Read With Me

Grab your favorite book and come and join us via zoom! You can make it through this summer period especially during COVID-19 time more productive by reading a book with us every week on Friday 2-3 pm.

Movie Club

Hello guys we hope you are all doing well! We would like to invite our movie club. We are super thrilled. Let’s join us today and you get more information. And also more information on our website.

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